Medtronic Micra Pacemaker – A bit of Pace Maker, a bit of CGI

Medtronic Micra Pacemaker – A bit of Pace Maker, a bit of CGI

The ones amongst you that have been following me on my website know that I’ve shot a lot of medical products for a global player in medical science.

I was fortunate and privileged enough to not only being able to shoot a wide range of medical devices but I was also part of the creative process prior to shooting.

Finding the right look for the intended use of the resulting imagery was an exciting but also difficult task at some times.

The one time a project never came about was the shooting of the Medtronic Micra Pace Maker, the smallest implantable pace maker available at that time.

The main reason for that project never being realised was the lack of presence of an actual device. Still in prototyping phase there was simply no unit available for a shooting. Even product images like basic 3D renders were rare and difficult to get.

Above is my attempt to illustrate this little masterpiece of medical engineering with the help of CGI. The original size of this pace maker is only a bit more than an inch. I set the lighting in a very similar way to how I would have lit the object if I had had it right in front of my camera.

The most challenging part – as is generally with CGI – was the addition of subtile imperfections that reduce the artificial “CGI look” of the rendered object significantly. The overall look of this image is based on the series of images I took for Medtronic’s brochure “Hand auf’s Herz”. An artistic view on medical devices.


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