You’re a Photographer, You need a Blog!

You’re a Photographer, You need a Blog!

A Blog? About Still Life Photography? Boring.

Sure. That’s what I’ve been thinking for a long time. But then again, it’s not necessarily boring.
It depends on what is going on in a blog, really. And it’s not exclusively about still life photography anyway.

A blog doesn’t have to be just “a blog”. Not necessarily. Can be. But doesn’t have to be.
I’d love to do it in an interesting way. Not sure though if I’ll be capable to do so.

I’ll try to write a couple of lines every now and then. But honestly, that’s so difficult some times. I might fail. However: the more interest my visitors show the more often I will try to contribute to these pages. Promise.


Nutcracker with Nut Still Life Shot for Capacities

So what am I going to use this blog for? What am I going to write?

I do hope that I can make my visitors think. Touch them, entertain them or annoy them. Cause them a smile.
Anything from irritation to excitement is a good achievement in a volatile digital world.

I am grateful for comments of any kind you might want to leave. Be it praise or criticism. Both is very welcome and makes me happy as it shows your interest in my work and in the subjects that affect me and the way I work.

If you like what I write or if you like the way I see feel free to come back to these pages or join me all digitally.


I’ve done it. I started a blog . Here it is. Let’s see how it goes. Thanks for visiting!


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